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For an environmentally responsible attitude

Forerunners in ORGANIC products, we offer a wide range of organic food supplements and organic cosmetics.

  • We are committed to promote organic farming
  • We are particularly attentive to the origin of the ingredients that we use and the conditions under which they are cultivated.
  • We are constantly trying to symplify our packaging and make them more ecological.
  • Our cases and communication media are printed with plant-derived inks on papers and cardboards from FSC certified sustainably managed forests, thereby contributing to sustainable forest management. We are dedicated to designing environment-friendly packaging and minimize over-wrapping whenever possible. We use environment-friendly PET bottles, pill boxes and infinite glass jars. We also work on the recyclable nature of the materials that we use right up to our logistics chain, from our flow pack to used boxes.

logo AB


Fleurance Natural offers you many "AB" dietary supplements, herbal teas and herbal packs. This label ensures that the plants are cultivated in an environment free of artificial chemical fertilizers, genetically modified (GMO) or preservative treatments and produced according to organic methods.

logo euro


The “bio” logo in Europe guarantees that all manufactured products contain at least 95% organic ingredients and the use of genetically modified substances (GMOs) is prohibited. It was created to coordinate the different organic labels in 27 EU countries.

cosmebio bio


The products of Fleurance Nature are all natural and environmentally friendly, certified by Cosmebio, indicating that they comply with the Cosmebio charter (ecological and organic skin care products). This mark guarantees that at least 95% of the botanical ingredients are from natural origin, while at least 95% of the botanical ingredients are from organic farming. In addition, they are genetically modified (GMO), hydroxy-free benzoate, no animal testing, no coloring agents and no artificial flavors, and use a non-polluting transformation and manufacturing process.

cosmebio eco


This label guarantees that at least 95% of the ingredients in skin care products come from natural sources, and at least 50% of the plant ingredients come from organic farming.

detergent eco


The “Eco-friendly Detergent” label refers to the protection of the planet and its resources through better handling and discharge of waste.

 logo FSC


The printing material of Fleurance nature use papers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They are obtained from forests in properly managed forests and meet strict environmental, social and economic levels. Choosing FSC certified paper is a responsible act that contributes to sustainable forest management.

 logo Bio Equitable 


The Organic Fair Trade label guarantees partnerships between companies and producers in emerging or developing countries. This is the mutual commitment of both parties in terms of quantity, price and order period (at least 3 years). Industrialists in these industries are committed to providing training and materials to producers, while producers exchange expertise. After a detailed review by ecocert, an ESR (Fair, Uniform, Responsible) certification will be awarded to the “Organic Fair Deal” label.

 logo Friend of the Sea 


The "Friend of the Sea" certification is awarded by an independent non-profit organization (NGO) to control sustainable environmental fishing. It is one of the main objectives of international certification for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture products. The products and their origin are verified on the spot by an independent international certification organization, and their sustainability is evaluated according to the strict “Friend of the Sea” standard.
Friend of the Sea website:http://www.friendofthesea.org/FR/