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Argan oil

The beauty secret of Morocco for the face, body and hair

  • Hydrates* and enhances the beauty of the skin and hair
  • 100% pure, with a characteristic fragrance
  • Penetrates rapidly
  • Suitable for all skin types
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Argan oil

Used by Berber women for centuries because of its extraordinary cosmetic properties, this honey-coloured 100% natural argan oil works wonder. Our argan oil is cold-pressed in order to optimally preserve its benefits.

Argan oil is a natural treasure and is packed with omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, antioxidants that are recommended for preventing premature skin drying.

  • Acting as a kind of cellular cement, it delays natural skin aging and restores the skin’s radiance by improving hydration*.
  • Recommended to regenerate tired skin.
  • May also used to nourish and restore a gloss to hair and to strengthen nails.

*Hydration of the upper layers of the skin

The choice of a FAIR TRADE Argan oil

In Morocco, the exploitation of the Argan fruit is made exclusively by women. They manually make the very delicate and fiddly work of pulping and crushing the fruit, to allow the obtention of the precious oil.

Fleurance nature chose to sustain the work of these women, by getting its supplies of ORGANIC Argan oil from EFAS, which is the feminine and rural firm of social economy (in French: Entreprise Féminine Rurale d'Economie Sociale). Fleurance nature committed with this local firm in a fair trade approach, controled by ECOCERT Environnement according to the reference ESR**.

EFAS is a partner of the Humanitarian association « AL MAHABBA » which goes on the ground in the mountains, in order to identify the needs of the "Argan women", and to define the projects that must be financed to develop their villages.

** Fair, Joint, Responsible (Equitable, Solidaire, Responsable)

Composition :

Pure Argan oil fom Morocco 100% Organic and Fair trade


100% of the total ingredients are from Organic farming and fair trade.

Ecological and Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the reference ECOCERT available on

Fair trade contoled by Ecocert Environnement according to the reference ESR (Equitable Solidaire Responsable) available on


  • For optimal effectiveness, apply to skin or hair that is slightly damp.
  • Apply undiluted or mixed with your regular skincare product, and gently massage in until fully absorbed.
  • If necessary, wipe off any excess oil with a cotton pad.
  • This oil is perfect both for a gentle face massage and for local application to the body.


Argan Highly prized by Berber women for millennia! Dating back several million years, the argan tree grows best on the arid and semi-arid plains of Morocco where its roots slow down the process of desertification. Berber women harvest its fruits, extracting from them a precious oil which is extremely high in omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids with nourishing and softening properties, and in vitamin E ,an antioxidant particularly beneficial.
Antioxidants The best defence against free radicals Antioxidants can be found in many plants such as green tea and carrots. Their primary role is to combat excessive "free radicals", highly unstable molecules that tend to attack our cell components if left unchecked. These free radicals are naturally produced during normal cellular respiration, but certain external factors (pollution, cigarette smoke, the sun's UV rays, etc.) can increase their production, so that it becomes impossible to control their impact.