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Detox bio-activator

Highly concentrated ORGANIC formula that acts on the metabolism at several levels

  • To promote the body's detoxification functions (silver birch)
  • To maintain normal liver function (dandelion)
  • To promote elimination via the kidneys (artichoke)
  • To aid digestion and normal intestinal tract function (aloe vera with silver birch)
** Expiry date: May 2018
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Detox bio-activator

Detox Bio-activator is a natural, ORGANIC formula with a very high concentration of plants.  It acts on the main emunctory organs to help detoxify the body.

2 sticks provide the equivalent of 11 g of dried plants (silver birch, dandelion, artichoke and aloe vera).

A combination of concentrated extracts of organic plants:

  • Silver birch is a natural detoxifying substance that promotes the body's detoxifying functions.
  • Dandelion helps to maintain normal liver function.
  • Artichoke is traditionally used to promote elimination via the kidneys.
  • Aloe vera and silver birch aid digestion and promote normal intestinal tract function.

Sticks to be diluted; delicious taste of lemon.

Why adopt a "detox" lifestyle to affect our health and well-being?
The purpose of detoxifying the body is just as much to improve health and metabolism as it is to lose weight. This major "cleansing" of the body achieved with a detox program brings a sensation of general well-being in the short term. 
However, to reduce long-term fatigue and wear and tear triggered by the increased production of oxidising and pro-inflammatory substances, it is essential to adopt good daily habits: 

  • Limit the intoxication of pollutants (diet, lifestyle, environment, etc.)
  • Limit so-called "pro-inflammatory" foods (additives, etc.)

Ingredients for 2 sticks:
Maltodextrin*, artichoke extract* 1,000 mg, silver birch extract* 800 mg, dandelion extract* 600 mg, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural lemon flavouring, aloe vera extract* 100 mg.

*100% of ingredients of agricultural origin obtained in accordance with organic farming methods.

As health supplement products from Fleurance Nature are organic and do not contain harmful chemical substance and preservative, the shelf life would be around 3 to 9 months, depends on ingredient.


Recommendations for use :

Detox bio-activator. Food supplement. Box of 14 sticks. 7 days.

2 sticks per day (preferably with breakfast and lunch) to be diluted in a large glass of water. Mix until the plant powder has completely dissolved.
2 sticks provide the equivalent of 11 g of dried plants.

Precautions for use
Food supplements must be used as part of a healthy life style and in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Take as directed. Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under 12 years of age. Not recommended for persons allergic to salicylate derivatives Avoid prolonged use.


  • Use alone in an intensive detoxifying program
  • Use in combination with Slimming Bio-activator as part of a global slimming strategy

28-day course of treatment to be repeated if necessary:
7 days of Detox Bio-activator + 21 days of Slimming Bio-activator

Birch Birch is part of the Betulaceae family. It comes from the Nordics (Scandinavia,Netherlands, Siberia), and can be found on poor and siliceous soils, rather acidic and wet. It grows as far as 2000 meters up.
Artichoke The artichoke belongs to the same family as the thistle. The source of the artichoke's properties was only discovered in the early 20th century. Both its leaves and bracts contain valuable active ingredients including cynarine and potassium. The artichoke has a beneficial effect on water elimination. For this reason, the artichoke is traditionally used for its benefits to digestion and elimination, in a dose equivalent to 4 to 5 g of leaves per day.
Dandelion The benefits of dandelion The dandelion (Taraxacum dens leonis), also known as "Lion's tooth", is a plant with yellow flowers familiar to everyone, especially when these flowers turn into white balls whose downy strands are carried by the slightest puff of wind, dispersing the seeds over a large area. Fresh dandelion leaves, traditionally consumed in a salad or as an infusion, are renowned for their purgative and digestive properties. Dandelion is particularly known to promote good liver function (in a dose of 4 to 10 g of leaves as an infusion 3 times a day), to stimulate the digestion (in a dose of 10 to 12 g) and to contribute to the normal function of the intestinal tract (in a dose of 100 to 300 mg, 2 to 3 times/day of extract titrated to 40% inulin).
Aloe Vera The repairing plant ! Frequently used for its anti-drying properties, aloe vera is a natural active ingredient containing polysaccharides which are known to: ease redness and irritation provide relief to the burning sensation caused by sunburn leave even very dry skin feeling soft and soothed.