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Organic Chlorella

To help detoxify the body naturally

  • An algae of 100% natural origin with a high chlorophyll content
  • Contains numerous nutrients
  • Stimulates the metabolism
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60 tablets

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Organic Chlorella

Chlorella is a fresh water microscopic green algae possessing detoxifying properties which are essentially due to the presence of chlorophyll, from which it derives its name. Capable of absorbing toxins, it has purifying properties.

The guarantees of our chlorella:

Chlorella is obtained using organic farming methods in accordance with Naturland’s * “Organic Aquaculture” specification.  Naturland is the leading organic farming support organisation in the world. Chlorella originates from southern Taiwan where it is cultivated in pure water obtained from mountains located in a designated industry-free region. Sunshine (average temperature of 25°C) and water quality are optimal in this region, hence the site is conducive to the cultivation of fresh water micro algae. Guaranteed free from heavy metals and pesticides, our chlorella contains numerous nutrients and chlorophyll, which bestows it with detoxifying properties.

* This certification ensures controlled quality, in accordance with extremely rigid requirements.

A patented extraction process: 

Chlorella is a single-cell algae with a wall composed essentially of cellulose. Without specific treatment, it is difficult to digest and is poorly absorbed by the body (between 40 and 50%). However, thanks to a patented low pressure extraction process, the digestibility of this product is improved (increasing from 50 to 80%). This mechanism thus preserves the integrity of the nutrients present in the algae.

Ingredients for 6 tablets:


Chlorella obtained using organic farming methods* 3 g.

* Chlorella certified in accordance with the Naturland®

“Organic Farming” specification

As health supplement products from Fleurance Nature are organic and do not contain harmful chemical substance and preservative, the shelf life would be around 3 to 9 months, depends on ingredient.


  • Take 4 to 6 tablets, distributed between breakfast and lunch, with a large glass of water.
Chlorella An interesting algae from a nutritional perspective! Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) is a single-cell green micro algae found across the globe and which adapts to all climates. It thrives mainly in soft water. Spherical, it measures between 2 and 8 microns (approximately the diameter of a white blood cell) and has a specific nucleus and cellulose membrane... (read more)