Rhodiola, known to help the body cope with emotional stress

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea L.) is a small perennial plant that originated in the Nordic countries. Capable of resisting extreme climates, its use dates back a very long way, particularly in Siberia and Scandinavia. Russian doctors were the first to study it, prescribing it to cosmonauts and Olympic athletes as part of their preparations.

For some fifty years, researchers from around the world have been working on its astonishing properties: it has the ability to adjust to the body's specific needs. It is therefore a so-called "adaptogen" plant, specifically helping the body to resist stress and tiredness. Scientific studies highlight in particular the presence of very specific glucosides: rosavin and salidroside, two compounds found in the rhizome of rhodiola (the underground part of the plant).

Today, rhodiola is known to help the body cope with emotional stress, strenuous exercise and to have a beneficial effect on stress-induced tiredness (in a dose of 95 mg of dried root).